Blockchain Engineering Group (BEG)

A blockchain is a ledger of digital transactions, but instead of being centrally located and controlled, as most databases are today, it is decentralised and not under the control of any single individual, group or company. The technology is structured in this way to make it extremely difficult to change the rules that define the structure of a database or its content without consensus amongst the people who use it.

To implement blockchain technology, one requires an indepth understanding of various topics within the fields of mathematics and computer science such as decentralisation, consensus mechanisms, incentives, encryption, peer-to-peer systems, network effects and economics - topics which are home to us.

Blockchain Applications (Smart Contracts)

At Calculus Energy, our focal theme within the BEG is the application of blockchain for the IoT industry. Blockchains give us resilient, truly distributed peer-to-peer systems and the ability to interact with peers in a trustless, auditable manner. Smart contracts allow us to automate complex multi-step processes. When devices in the IoT ecosystem are combined, we get to automate time-consuming workflows in new and unique ways, achieving cryptographic verifiability, as well as significant cost and time savings in the process. Blockchain is a particularly attractive technology for addressing the security and privacy challenges within IoT. The following features makes it quite appealing:

However, adopting Blockchain in IoT is not straightforward and often equires addressing the following critical challenges:

Over the past few years, we have worked around some of these problems and have developed novel IoT/blockchain solutions and architectures, applicable to a wide range of network topologies. In particular, we are interested in the application of Hyperledger to data decentralization projects.

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