Calculus Energy Limited is a highly innovative, UK based R&D SME with a strong focus on the application of mathematical techniques to solve real world problems.

We deploy machine learning apps for energy demand forecasting and HVAC optimisations, utilise blockchain technology to decentralise encrypted information, perform complex multiphysics simulations, develop high performance ICT platforms and integrate IoT devices within harsh environments.

Machine Learning (MLG)

Machine learning is a science (some call it art) of infering outcomes from data without performing any explicit computations. In the past few years, machine learning has given us energy demand response, self driving cars, practical speech recognition, fast and efficient web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. Our AI team develop and deploy a wide range of cutting edge of machine learning algorithms, with applications ranging from building level energy load forecasting to water leakage detection. Learn more »

Numerical Analysis (NAG)

Our Numerical Analysis Group focuses on computational approaches for multiphysics problems. More precesily, we focus on the formulation and implementation of new approaches that are more efficient and capable. Our emphasis is on the development of the next generation of simulation tools to aid engineers to make fast, informed decsions. Our application profile ranges from fast structural, computational fluid dynamic analysis to energy modelling of large eco districts. Learn more »

Blockchain & Bespoke IoT devices

Blockchain technology provides a distributed ledger, instead of a central database. The distributed ledger is made up of blocks of data that are chained together with cryptography that makes it almost impossible to make changes once something is recorded. Blockchain enables IoT ecosystems to break from the traditional broker-based networking paradigm, where devices rely on a central cloud server to identify and authenticate individual devices. This results in enhanced trust, cost reduction, accelerate data exchanges and provide a secure and scalable environment. Learn more »

ICT, HPC & big data

Our expertise in machine learning, numerical analysis and blockchain type crypto technologies enable us to build highly secure and scalable cloud based applications - ranging from energy comparison marketplaces to job boards! Our HPC and big data team work on a variety of architectures to enable larger simulations, analyses and faster computation times. In addition to this, we develop data storage systems to store the vast quantities of data that result from performing simulations or streaming live data from sensors/IoTs and develop the resultant visualizations of large data sets. Learn more »